BMQG Retreat 2014

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Our annual retreat is held at the funky Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunk, Maine.  It’s a sweet location within a twenty minute drive to the best fabric shopping in New England! At Marden’s in Sanford my haul averaged $2.90 per yard!

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I was having a good time!

This is the project I worked on. All of the small blocks were pieced before I got there and I pieced all the rows in one direction while I was there. I get easily distracted so I was more I interested in socializing and observing what others were doing this time.










  1. J Donna Asmussen says:

    So glad that you visited Maine! I’m lucky enough to live 15 minutes from the Marden’s in central Maine, 2 hours north of the one you shopped. At least there isn’t 3 feet of snow in southern Maine – we just added 18 more inches this past week. Enjoy your fabric art!


  2. Patrice D says:

    Hi, Janis … my haul was 25.75 yards for an average of $3.30 a yard! Thanks for inviting me along on your shopping trip.



  3. pmegio says:

    Excellent … plenty of fuel for your creativity!


  4. Pam McVay says:

    I won’t ask what you will do with all that fabric! You’ll show me later on turtlemoon!


  5. Looks like you guys had lot of fun! That is a beautiful quilt you were working on.


  6. LOL! That’s still unfinished and it’s actually still up on my design wall, but I placed another piece of large batting over it so I can still use the wall without taking it down!


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