Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water

Once again, I’m taking a class with Pam Allen.  Here’s a little quilt I did,  about 10″ X 11″ based on a photo from a building at the MBL in Woods Hole that Andy took on a gorgeous summer morning a couple years ago.

Lesson 1 C  copy

It’s a study using the color palette used by Van Gogh in one of his Olive Tree paintings. Although it is the same palette, it’s a bit more vibrant than the more muted tones he used.  The water just seemed to sparkle and it became pretty much the focal point here.



Steaming Hot

Busy here and time to do some blogging about some of it! Sometimes I get caught up in details or in phases which is more what it’s been for me here. Seems so unproductive but quite necessary sometimes to get back to basics. Not that I’ve nailed anything down yet but one thing I’ve been exploring is various ways to finish my quilts. I’ve been surprised to hear to some people say they didn’t think it’s appropriate to mount art quilts onto frames as one does with fine art. Not so for me. I like to see it stretched on a frame sometimes. For this one I simply mounted it on a piece of foam core board, backing, batting and all at once. Now, I might mount that on top of a frame or I might just hang it as it is with some wire on the back- nice and light that way.Steaming Hot w lights