Hello there!

I haven’t been a very busy blogger this month but I have been a pretty dedicated fiber artist.  My focus has been on developing my portfolio and on submitting my art for exhibits.  I’m so excited to tell you that this morning I received word that one of my quilts has been accepted into The Whistler House Museum’s exhibit: “How Does Your Garden Grow?”!  My first submission and my first acceptance!

This is a piece that began as a lesson in Pam Allen’s online class and I expanded on it, making it into a quilt called “Rosie’s Meadow.”

DSCN6861 web jpg
A detail of Rosie’s Meadow

On Cubism

Lesson 3 in Pam’s class has been all about Cubism…not as easy as one would think! I’ve always loved looking at cubist paintings – some of my old faves are of this genre: George Braque’s, Musical Instruments which you can see at


and Marc Chagall’s,  I And The Village which can be seen here:


Now, here’s mine, a work in progress, not yet sewn together, compositionally flawed as it is (it’s a lesson, not a masterpiece!

Janis. Final Lesson 3 Cubist Comp

I think I’ll go back to this piece to make a few changes after this class is over.