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I haven’t been a very busy blogger this month but I have been a pretty dedicated fiber artist.  My focus has been on developing my portfolio and on submitting my art for exhibits.  I’m so excited to tell you that this morning I received word that one of my quilts has been accepted into The Whistler House Museum’s exhibit: “How Does Your Garden Grow?”!  My first submission and my first acceptance!

This is a piece that began as a lesson in Pam Allen’s online class and I expanded on it, making it into a quilt called “Rosie’s Meadow.”

DSCN6861 web jpg

A detail of Rosie’s Meadow

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About turtlemoonimpressions

The natural world is phenomenal and so much of the man-made world - our architecture, our cities - are stunning accomplishments. They exist hand in hand in both beautiful expressions and sometimes disastrous manifestations. Our entire existence with the natural and the invented is intertwined – each dependent on the other, even as my art evolves, each breathing in the wake of the other. Surface design is one aspect of the process that I love. I thoroughly enjoy the play with color, value and construct, particularly the improvisation which starts with one thing, an idea, a glimpse of a vision, perhaps something that captures my eye for a moment in time and it grows organically. I become focused on whatever piece I'm working on and follow my muse to find my way.

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  1. Trish Johnston

    This is fabulous Janis. Has an almost Japanese look to it. I love it. Hope you win an award with it. Although we moved over a month ago our new place could still be mistaken for a thrift store! Not doing any art at present untill all is shelved and accessible.


    1. turtlemoonimpressions Post author

      Thanks Trish! And you know I’ve moved way too many times so I know so well what it’s like there! Just this one factor in my life held me back from doing my art to an unbelievable degree!



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