Sun Prints With Screen Print Ink

Warm and sunny again, although the sun kept ducking in and out later in the day just to make the timing a bit tricky.  In this batch I used screen print ink mixed with a little Golden GAC 900 as an extender and some water.

SPI 1.pleat.salt.web

I pleated this loosely and sprinkled some salt over it.

SPI2. pleat.salt.web

Pleated a little tighter but still no tying and salted.

SPI3 web

I used a real, dried piece of sea kelp of some sort for this one that laid flat in the middle but not so much on the outer edges.


Starting out looslely painting screen print ink, I then placed a used, and therefore dark colored, transparent stencil over this piece.

Screen Print Ink 5 web

Over an already sunprinted piece that was pleated and used salt for texture, I “nature printed” over it using fabric paint.


First I applied screen print ink and scrunched it up for the sun print. Then I overprinted with screen print ink applied with a brush on the leaves and pressed into the fabric.

There have been some excellent posts on one of my favorite blogs on this subject you might want to check out if you haven’t already:


  1. These are lovely. I just checked out the blog on your link as well. I have to try this now :). I am really loving this one.


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