Yesterday was a beautiful day in bumper to bumper traffic a good part of the way to the Raddison Hotel in Manchester NH but worth it when you get there.  Although there were gorgeous quilts from all over the world, I’m focusing in on our I Love New England Exhibit.  Not all my pics came out well enough to post but I’ll share with you a few of them today:

A Sense Of Place. The Wall by Sarah Ann Smith. web
A Sense Of Place: The Wall by Sarah Ann Smith

Sarah Ann

Coming Back by Wen Redmond.  web
Coming Back by Wen Redmond


Fog In The City by Lois Hooper. web
Fog In The City by Lois Hooper


Lobster Shack by Sandy Gregg. web
Lobster Shack by Sandy Gregg



This Bird's Eye View by Janis Doucette. web
This Bird’s Eye View by Janis Doucette

This Bird’s Eye View is a machine pieced collage of my digital photographs of New England transferred onto fabric.  I included hand embroidery, text, the names of our many beaches and names of our Native American tribes; commercial fabrics which include some that depict our indigenous berries and appliques of some of our native flowers.

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