The Exhibit! Part 1.

Well, if you’ve never been to a fiber art exhibit, this would be an excellent pick!  It really is a striking show with a lot of diverse styles and lots of color.  Stitching expertise is high on the bar and construction techniques are many. While I’m sharing my pics, there is nothing like seeing in person and this show will run through September 30th, except they will close Saturday, August 30 – September 2, 2014.


Coleus Close Up.web

Coleus Close Up by Sue Colozzi

Ripening. Ellen Linder. web

Ripening by Ellen Linder


ye View by Wen Redmond

Bird’s Eye View by Wen Redmond

Hummingbird by Susan Bleiweiss

Hummingbird by Susan Bleiweiss

Phalaenopsis. Sandra Townsend Donabed.

Phalaenopsis by Sandra Townsend Donabed

Ti Plants A Glow Glow. Ellen Linder.web

Ti Plants A Glow Glow by Ellen Linder

Rose Garden. Phyllis Small.web

Rose Garden by Phyllis Small

Dappled. Nancy Bardach.web

Dappled by Nancy Bardach

At The Whistler. web

Me and My “Rosie” at The Whistler

Stay tuned for more….

One comment

  1. coolquilting says:

    oohhh…I would have loved to have seen Wen’s quilt in person…
    Lovely photo of you and your quilt!


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