Multiplicities, New Directions in Fiber

Last night I drove to Warren, RI to see the exhibit at the ICA, Multiplicities, New Directions in Fiber, and it was worth the drive through Boston and Fall River at rush hour!

There was so much to take in! I can’t say that there was anything strikingly new but it was a good representation of what is among the best of contemporary fiber art, with some pieces incorporating unexpected materials.

First, I’ll share with you some of my favorite, not all, because I can’t sit for longer at my computer so I’ll share more later.

Dancing With Shiva.John Cardin. web
Dancing With Shiva, John Cardin












Whispers... Wen Redmond. web. - Copy
   Whispers of the Positive, Wen Redmond
Blackbird On Silk. Kimberly Becker. web
Blackbird On Silk. Kimberly Becker

Betty Busby
Betty Busby

Breakdown). Suzanne Taetsch. web.
Suzanne Taetsch, Breakdown


Caught My Eye

Passing by a window yesterday afternoon something caught my eye and I had to run out and take a picture before the light disappeared. You know how it goes when you’re in a hurry – I went out to the car to get the camera because I knew I left it in the car but the doors were locked.  I never lock the car doors but I did the night before because I left  a quilt in the car ready to go to its destination so I had to hurry back into the house for the keys and by the time I got out there, camera in hand, the light was barely still there.  It moves so quickly at about 2:30 in the afternoon.  But alas!  Here is what I saw:


So then I played with it in Photoshop a bit and came up with this:

10.28.14. 3A

Actually I like the original best but then, I ended up with these that I could use as backgrounds or brushes:

10.28.14. 2B 10.28.14. 2C

Picking Myself Back Up Again!

It’s pretty amazing how much of our time as artists is what, to the outside viewer, is staring into space!  It seems as if we’re wasting away our time doing absolutely nothing, when, in fact, we’re deep in the thought processes of creating, mentally developing options and alternatives or perhaps, internally visualizing an entirely new piece, the next in a series.  But to the person who’s just walking by your studio…well, they simply see you idling away the day.

Sometimes you walk into the studio and things move along fairly smoothly and you might even complete a small piece in a day, but most often, it involves many restarts after faltering toward the finish with numerous rip outs and revisions, occasionally completely starting over. I have a number of pieces just laying about waiting for me to take another look at them before I know what the next step is, or until I declare it finished. Sometimes I just grow weary of the difficulties I’ve run into and need to set it aside awhile before I feel something move internally and I’m motivated to take hold of the piece again.

Of course, along with all the stumbling I can feel devoid of talent and consider throwing in the towel altogether and I freely kick myself around with all kinds of negative self talk!  But I know I’m not alone in this process of try, fail, pick myself up and try again!  It’s been going on since the beginning of time and I know there is no success without failure and eventually this thought, along with some serious willpower, pulls me of the throes of feeling inadequate.  It helps me to change the game when this happens and usually it means grabbing my camera and getting outdoors to breathe in the fresh air and get moving physically before I can renew my art activity. So, here I’ll share with you some of the results of my photo jaunts that get my juices flowing again!


Street Cables 2.web
Street Cables
DSCN4460 web
Music stands/tables
Reflections 1B web jpg
Reflections on a metal door.


Sax Line Up. web.
    Sax Line Up