Autumn Day Trip

Autumn in New England never loses its appeal.  The natural wonder of leaves turning color is a spectacular event we are blessed to partake in annually. So much of my art is nature inspired, so we tramped off to Harvard MA, about 60 miles or so from home and spent much of the day at Fruitland, a historic piece of land that was once the hopeful beginning of the transcendentalist movement and the preserved communal home, initially established by Bronson Alcott and Charles Lane in 1843.  If ever you get to MA it’s a wonderful place to visit.

Brown Horse 1. web

Resident of a neighboring farm.

Off The Road 1 web

Just down the road.

Top of The Hill 1 web

At the top of the hill, just before Fruitland.



  1. says:

    Looks beautiful!!  I’m sure you were truly inspired, looking forward to seeing it in your artwork 🙂  


  2. coolquilting says:

    lovely views…
    thanks for commenting on my post on And then we set it on fire. Have fun creating the horse’s teeth. Make sure you post your results!!


  3. This does look like a beautiful trip! Perhaps we will have time to visit Fruitland next fall. Too many trips to PA this year.


  4. To top it off, as soon as I walked in I spotted 3 of Targe Cockell’s weavings on sale at the reception desk!


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