From Inspiration to Fulfillment: Developing Your Own Style!!

Last week I had the good fortune to attend a four day workshop by Elizabeth Barton -great person, wonderful teacher, gifted artist!

The workshop was From  Inspiration  to  Fulfillment:  Developing  Your  Own  Style!!

Elizabeth web E.B. web.


My classmates were a lot of fun and also very talented!Some of my pics didn’t make the cut but here’s something about everyone:

Vickie Jensen.web. Vicki Cutting Out Design web. DSCN9658 webRose DeBoer. web Rose's. web. June's web.DSCN9667 web DSCN9680 web. DSCN9667 webElaine's. web. DSCN9723 web. DSCN9678 cweb. DSCN9672 .web. DSCN9700 web.DSCN9720 web DSCN9649 web.DSCN9686 web. DSCN9651. webChairs and Doors. webDSCN9654 .webDSCN9712 web

These are 2 of the designs I developed in this class and I’m working on the first one with some changes as I proceed.

My First Design Paste Up web.Design 2.web






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