Sketches For New Textile Art

I can’t show the  Christmas gifts I’ve been busy with for the last few weeks – don’t want to ruin any surprises. So, I’ve been working on some cut and paste-up sketches for a possible new series.

Final Draft Quilt A

Final Draft. Quilt B Sketch Desat. Web.

Final Draft Quilt C Desat. web.

Of course, whenever I have at it, they’re all quite subject to change, but I think this is a good start. Oh yea, I also worked up a color version for one them.

Final Draft Quilt C. Cutout. web

Any comments and critiques are welcome!

Linking up to Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday!


  1. This series could take you through 2015! Congratulations on a great jump start to the new year with your work.


  2. janicepd says:

    Love this Janis. Your work is really taking off!!


  3. […] I had been working on in class but only finished it in recent months.  But I also worked on some new ideas that were inspired by her class and this week I suddenly went to work on them.  It’s amazing […]


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