One Four Challenge, Week 4

One Four Challenge, Week 4

The final December post for our One Four Challenge – it’s been so much fun thanks to  Robyn Gosby!

I soooo needed to work with this image in a different color! For this version, I went back to the original, first crop before I played with any sky and without any filtering of the texture.

I converted it to B&W and increased the gamma and offset, added a new layer, Locofilm 5 in B&W with some curves play and more gamma. Then,  another layer of the same pic with some hue adjustments.

I then put it on waterpaper (PS) with a low fiber content and high contrast & brightness and we’ve come to the end of this photo journey!

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And thanks to Marsha for letting me know how to create this photo slideshow gallery!

Sketches For New Textile Art

Sketches For New Textile Art

I can’t show the  Christmas gifts I’ve been busy with for the last few weeks – don’t want to ruin any surprises. So, I’ve been working on some cut and paste-up sketches for a possible new series.

Final Draft Quilt A

Final Draft. Quilt B Sketch Desat. Web.

Final Draft Quilt C Desat. web.

Of course, whenever I have at it, they’re all quite subject to change, but I think this is a good start. Oh yea, I also worked up a color version for one them.

Final Draft Quilt C. Cutout. web

Any comments and critiques are welcome!

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