Week 2 of February’s One Four Challenge

Fire & Ice

Week 2 – Fire & Ice


Layered Snow Trees on top of Week One’s Fire.This is a corrected version of last week’s image, though.  I tried to diminish the banding in the first one.  Tweaked Master Opacity slides.  Heightened contrast and brightness.

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  1. Not normally my king of image but it works quite well in a way; mixing the graphic nature of the internal fire with the warmth of the fire.


  2. kmmig says:

    I like the composition of your composite!! i.e., intersecting diagonals. My eye is drawn to the image behind the flame (embers?). Very interesting art.


  3. svtakeiteasy says:

    Interesting effect with the overlay.


  4. Robyn G says:

    This really has stepped into a graphical representation this week Janis – so interesting – it keeps my attention – and for me a good experiment 🙂


    • Thanks Robin! Perhaps it’s because lately I’ve been working with a lot of images that are in opposition with one another, I simply couldn’t resist the juxtaposition of fire and ice.


      • Robyn G says:

        Ive come back to this again and have noticed your comment about textile use. I can definitely see this as a fabric design. Would be very versatile!
        Do you design fabric? I did a design brief, creating my own piece and loved doing it – would love to do more and do hope to.. and all of this experimenting definitely helps 😃😃


  5. Nic says:

    I really like the image of the fire, it makes me feel warm and cozy. The juxtaposition of the snow trees is interesting, I’m glad you are experimenting and trying new things. 😀


  6. Carrie says:

    I may be totally off base here, I see an artistic interpretation of an elephant as the two merge together and I really like it. Love the juxtaposition and such an interesting effect.


  7. Very interesting, I always appreciate a new approach.


  8. These are beautiful Janis! Love it!


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