February Week 3. One Four Challenge

The Editing Process:

Made a new layer by heightening Week 1,  maxing out the saturation, inverted it and changed the hue:


Over that I layered a new B&W 3 edit:

Fire B&W 3.

Next, I tweaked exposure and opacity settings.

Fire 6. y

Finally, I cropped it for this week’s image to conform more with the two thirds rule.

Week Three Fire & Ice.

Week Three Fire & Ice.

Week 3 Fire & Ice


Check out other photos in this challenge at Robyn’s Captivate Me blog.




  1. Diane S. Kelley says:

    What’s the two thirds rule?



  2. Joanne says:

    I really like this. I love abstracts, I like the interplay of color and form here. Also like your description of how you developed it. Good work.


  3. I love the colour in this one. It crackles!! All of your edits are very imaginative and impressionistic!!


  4. As you have cropped in it has create a nice abstract, so much that i am searching the image for a glimpse of its origin.


  5. svtakeiteasy says:

    what an interesting process, with a striking result!


  6. BWLEtravel says:

    Thanks for showing the individual parts of the editing process! Amazing outcome. This is my favorite version of the three so far.


  7. I adore your willingness and ability to play. It pays off, this looks so lovely.


  8. lensaddiction says:

    The green and orange flame is pretty funky.


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