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I’m so happy – all the pictures I thought I lost in a camera mishap uploaded the next time I plugged it into my computer!  Here’s one to help us through a rainy day! The sun was shining but I had to hold firm to prevent being blown away by the wind. I was on the south side of Lake Q at the old burial ground. Can you identify this tree?

Blossoms On The Lake.wm


From Photo To Fiber Art 3

In the last 2 posts I talked about art that referenced photos.  Today I’m focusing on the photo itself as/in art.

One of my most recent finishes is just that.  I ‘ll show you a peek at it since it’s one that I will send in for submission to an exhibit so I want to hold off on publishing pictures of it until then.  SO… here’s a small section of one titled “All’s Well Under The Sun.”

All's One...detail. 2. wm. web

Small Detail of “All’s One Under The Sun.”


In this detail alone, there are parts of 3 different photos, yet I think this small section could stand alone as a finished piece.

This one was a true challenge though!  I went through a zillion attempts before I finished this one.  I used at least one, almost 2 entire sets of ink cartridges and rejected so many WIPS it’s not funny!

I posted a couple of them in January.  That’s how long I’ve been struggling with this one; but in the end, I’m pretty satisfied with the the results whether it gets accepted or not.

It’s for the SAQA call for art. “Concrete and Grasslands” so it won’t even be submitted until September for an exhibit that won’t open until June of 2016.

Once again, I’m linking up with Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday.



Some readers have told me they have had problems commenting on this blog and I want you to know I finally figured out why and I fixed it! WordPress has a good forum where someone was able to direct me to the exact place to go to make the necessary changes.  My thanks to those who let me know about the problem and to the one who gave me such good advise! You all should not have to go through the hoops to comment here anymore!

It’s so nice to have clean tables to work on – unusual but nice when it happens! Unfortunately, I took these pics last week and they do not look like this today! I shifted things around a little and now the TV is in a bit of an awkward place but it’s fine until I get around to repositioning it….well, until Bill gets around to it.

Clean Sewing TableClean Table

I don’t know what happened the other day.  I took  pictures for about an hour or so and there were a bunch already on the camera from another trip to Boston but when I got home to upload them there were no pictures in the camera and it said there was no more memory! What a disappointment! Did that ever happen to you?  I don’t know why it happened but the next round of pics I took at my grand daughter’s First Communion came out just fine.  Isn’t she a sweetie?!

DSCN1425 copy2

My Youngest grandaughter, Markie Lawhorne on her First Communion Day.