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Mid Temperature Colors

I’ve been having such a good time outdoors!  I wonder how many yards I’ll get done before the summer is over!

So far, these are all leftover scraps of yardage while I wait on a new order of silks and cotton.

Here’s some mid-temperature colors – a few blue gray, well I see a bit of yellow/green down there in the bottom left but I’m not sure if that was intentional or accidental!

Blue Gray Immersion Dyed

And then I went to the violet range for a change up.

Violet Immersion Dyed

As usual, I’m linking up with Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday which is coming to you today from Quilting By The Lake in Syracuse, New York.

Thanks for keeping me company!

Sizzling Hot Colors

The summer’s been sizzling out in my summer studio but the fan keeps me from overheating.  Some of the colors are

pretty hot, though! Here’s some of what’s been happening out there!

Gold immersion Dyed

This is mostly cotton, some raw silk, with  PRO MX FIBER REACTIVE DYE (aka: Procion Dye) and all low water immersion method.

Some is a loose shibori but most are just bunched up and mottled.

Orange Immersion Dyed

I’ve been following along with Ann Johnson’s Color By Accident DVD  which I purchased from ProChem

and I’m finding it to be a very useful addition to my library.  I also have the book, which I keep with me to refer to as I work.

 What I really like about her is that she’s really smart about what she does but not at all dogmatic.

One Four Challenge July Week 4

It’s already the last week in July, so here’s the last edit for the regular challenge for the summer.  But I’m thinking I will post another extra post in August, which is a review month with the option to post or not.  This is a really good week to check out  the One Four Challenge on Robyn’s blog, Captivate Me,  because all four previous weeks are up for review.

I couldn’t stop cropping my image so here’s a few choice selections for this week!  Which one is your favorite?

Week 4. July. B&W.s.1


Using the original image as a start, I did the usual adjustments and then I used the sliders in Black and White mode to increase and/or decrease the color influences to maximize the contrast. Then I cropped and tweaked levels to allow in more whites; increased the exposure a tad and decreased the offset slightly.

In Black and White mode, tweaked the color levels
Tweaked exposure levels
Tweaked the Shadows and Highlights
Finally, I pushed the contrast /Brightness levels
Tweaked the highlights and shadows again
Embossed and used that as a bottom layer.

4.B.5. S.1

In PS:  Torn Edges, adjusted levels, pushed contrast and applied the Cutout filter and cropped.


Week 4 B.2. s.1

I placed the first edit above as a base layer and the second edit on top of that.   Then applied the Cutout filter again at 6.8.3.,  adjusted brightness and contrast levels and made a final crop.

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