Sizzling Hot Colors

The summer’s been sizzling out in my summer studio but the fan keeps me from overheating.  Some of the colors are

pretty hot, though! Here’s some of what’s been happening out there!

Gold immersion Dyed

This is mostly cotton, some raw silk, with  PRO MX FIBER REACTIVE DYE (aka: Procion Dye) and all low water immersion method.

Some is a loose shibori but most are just bunched up and mottled.

Orange Immersion Dyed

I’ve been following along with Ann Johnson’s Color By Accident DVD  which I purchased from ProChem

and I’m finding it to be a very useful addition to my library.  I also have the book, which I keep with me to refer to as I work.

 What I really like about her is that she’s really smart about what she does but not at all dogmatic.


  1. janicepd says:

    Beautiful colors Janis. Which is the raw silk? The piece I shared in the crit group was some of the raw silk from my supplier. I loved how it took dye. Great job!


  2. The deep yellow/gold color , top left is the same raw silk as yours. I first did a DSP on it which came out fabulous!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Clara Nartey says:

    Lovely colors, Janis. I especially love the mottling. That’s what I like best about hand-dyed fabrics. Oh and Ann Johnston’s DVD is fun. I own a copy.


  4. Thanks Clara! Mottled dye is my favorite too. It looks so rich and has so much character!


  5. Robyn G says:

    Wonderful wonderful colours! I love dyeing fabric – seeing what happens. Such fun and you have beautiful results 😃


  6. Thanks for the great comments. I didn’t know you were a dyer too!


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