Art As Quilt: Transitions in Contemporary Textile Media Exhibition

Well, I showed you a peek at one of my finished pieces as it was being made.  Yesterday I hand delivered it to The Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA where it will hang in the Art As Quilt Exhibit!  I was going to hold off to post about it until it was time for the show but today I was surprised to see that it was already being shown at their website announcing the:

Reception for Art as Quilt: Transitions in Contemporary Textile Media Exhibition on Sunday, October 18, 2015, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Doucette Janis. Out Of The Blue.

Out Of The Blue, textile art by Janis Doucette

 Put that date on your calendar now to join us at this exhibit!



  1. Congratulations on the beautiful piece and for getting front and center on the advertisement. Impressive 🙂

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  2. Marie Crowell says:

    Congrats Sissy!!! Very nice. 😉

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  3. janicepd says:

    This is striking Janis. Congrats on the show, wish I lived close enough to come.

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  4. I am not surprised they put this front and center. Honestly, it’s so incredibly cool. I haven’t wanted to sew for months. This is making me want to run to the sewing machine. I just lost a fur baby yesterday, so that really is saying something. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration.

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  5. Diane S. Kelley says:

    Congratulations on the exhibit piece. You are always doing such different things. Always very impressed and inspired. I will try to make it to Brockton.

    Diane Kelley


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  6. Thanks for all the encouragement! Soon, there will be more about this piece!


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