August One Four Challenge

August. Week 1

I recently became a member of the Boston MFA to encourage myself to visit it more often.  I finally got in to see some wonderful artwork and while having lunch there, I snapped this photo. Other than some initial adjustments in exposure and contrast, this first week is fairly straightforward – a picture of reflections upon reflections.

I have no idea what I’ll do with this in the coming weeks.I’m a little late this week.  I usually post this on Monday.

August. Week 1
Original Image from Cafe in MFA, Boston

For those who are new readers, this is now a quarterly event hosted by Robyn G at Captivate Me .  More photographers are welcome to join in there!  I find it to be a great place to share and learn from others.


  1. Robyn G says:

    Hi Janis, I really like your image this month and your subtle adjustments for week 1. This would have captured my attention too with those fabulous reflections. Do hope you enjoy the MFA!! 😃


  2. Glass and reflections are always fascinating to work with – I see lots of potential for this one!


  3. Hard to resist, aren’t they! Should be fun to play with!


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