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This is Finishing Up Week

Photographs are an integral component of this and so many of my textile art collages. The bad news is that I can’t possibly afford the kind of camera I’d love to have.  The good news is that that’s not as critical as it once was.  With so much new technology in the field, new apps and digital software you can do nicely with some, especially for printing on fiber.  I did finally get Lightroom to supplement Adobe Photoshop and so now I’m taking a Lightroom Essentials class with Kim Klassen to learn it. We haven’t actually started the developing mode yet but this is the first pic I did in LR. I’m pretty sure I used one of Kim’s presets for this but I didn’t save it and so I’m not sure.

le1  I love Japanese maple leaves and, of course, these were the inspiration for my most recently finished piece but as yet unnamed piece, although I like Wen’s suggestion “The Water Runs Toward Me,” born under the water sign as I am.


This is an eco-print as I’m sure you already know, but I did make the applique pieces for the leaves and the bottom half of the water and I used paint on those.


Good stuff today over on Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday !

More Painting & Fabric Design

Recent experiments in textured painting have led to what I’m calling “scratch paintings.” As I was painting the previous one I was listening to Jane Davies talk online about how she was scratching into her painting and I thought, “Yes, let me do that.”  Not that I’ve never done this before but this time it was different.  I really got into it.  And so, I did a number of them that are in my last post.  Then it began to evolve into something that I really like for me. What do you think?


But this next one came just before this and I though today was a good day to share it. It also has a painting technique that has been developing in my studio, which has taken on a life of it’s own.  More about this in another post.

NOT My President

And now, before I leave you for today, I want to encourage you all to go vote for what I did with my first scratch painting on Spoonflower. It’s called The Green Way.  A photo of it is in my last post. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find but if I find an easier way I’ll LYK on Facebook.

Off The Wall Friday!

Sometimes I like to get outside myself and change things up just to get another perspective.  Changing mediums does that most times. So I’ve been doing some painting on paper. I  used acrylic paints mixed with various mediums, mostly with a transparent glazing medium, a holdover from my days as a furniture and wall painter. I learned to paint with layers upon layers on tables and such. And that’s still how I use paints on pretty much every surface.

Then, I made a digital collage using sections of these paintings.

Now, I’m struggling to climb over all the barriers that Spoonflower erects for its customers to upload and organize their info and art. It really irritates me that they want to sell you the directions to their website instead of providing a decent tutorial! OK, I’ll stop griping and move forward on a more positive note:

I just learned that I was accepted into the Melrose Arts Festival again this coming April!

Linking again with Nina Marie!