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Mystery Items

Running late today.  I had an early appointment at the eye docs.  Got a new prescription but the cataracts are growing.  I’ll wait to see if the corrected lenses helps enough to put off eye surgery for awhile.

It feels like I’m always cleaning my studio but I still can’t find where I’m putting things! Usually, if I stop and clean up, I’ll find it.  Not these days.  A label for the last piece I finished disappeared before it was attached.  Cleaned up – still no label.  I had to reprint it. Things DO fall into my wastebasket but I found nothing  that shouldn’t be in there this time.  The latest mystery is what did I do with my intense crayons?!  I’m working on something that needs some inktense but I have no idea what I’ve done with them!


Needs some color!

I’ve also been working on a digital composition that will get printed on fabric for stitching as a wholecloth piece.  Here’s a hint at the direction it’s going in.

The Barbie Project detail

Linking up!



New Addition to the Liminal States & Thresholds for Change Series

This whole series is the product of a summer of Eco-Dying and Printing and includes some shibori, some rusting and some indigo dyes. The final details on this one are actually painted on with acrylic paints to expand the photos of the trees from the squares into the spaces above and below.

In the Stillness. web.

In The Stillness. #5 in the series: Liminal States & Thresholds for Change

In the Stillness .web.

Detail, In the Stillness

These trees are from photos I took in my back yard:

Then it was ‘shopped some more, cropped and divided into four sections and printed on fabric as seen in this piece. Sometimes artists have a hard time differentiating between what they know in their heads to how it’s perceived when others look at it.  Fortunately, I belong to a small critique group, now a local Pod of the regional SAQA, North Of Boston, which we call the NOB. From my experience with them I found that one didn’t necessarily “see” what I saw, in what was then just four photos, not necessarily related as one picture;  hence came the painting in of branches to unite the four sections and bring it to a finish!

I think Nina Marie has some exciting plans in the works for the summer:

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