Artists Book Collaboration Update

HeaderHere are some of my pages sent to the other member s of our ABC.  I still have  more to make.  These are each 10 x 10 inch pieces, actually meant to be alternately in a book or hung on a wall.  Some did a theme for all their pages but, as you can see,  I was somewhat scatterd in my approach, unified only in that each piece was, to some extent, it was a WIP, known to quilters as a Work In Progress.

For Martha’s, Gently On The Rocks, I took something I had begun and not finished – a photograph of rocks that I overpainted.  I then stitched them with free motion stitching.  Since thiose were beach rocks, I added beach scenes with more rocks.

Gently On the Rocks
Gently On The Rocks for Martha Ginn

In Town was another already started and set aside.  Then I got to printing a sheet of stamp sized abstract shapes that I had carved and then painted and I suddenly thought of adding them to this piece.

20170519_173713 copy
In Town for Carol Jones Frank

For Gabrielle I had already made a piece that began at a regional SAQA meeting using some circular thermafaxes that I think were Sue Bliewiess’ and some of my own images. But then I added a painted black edge to it with gold edging which doesn’t show up here.

Walking Around In Circles. for Gabriele
Walking Around In Circles for Gabrielle Di Tota

For Nanette Zeller’s I started with some gelatin prints I ‘ve been wondering what to do with.  I collaged more of my own images along with a snazzy piece on the bottom right which I received quite a few years ago in another artist swap and I don’t even remember who did it (the piece with beads on it.)

Equinox for Nanette.
Equinox for Nanette Zeller

The most recent also began as a deconstructed screen print I’ve been eyeing for months.  After staring at it for quite awhile now, I suddenly decided to free motion stitch the whole thing and I ended up loving it, and, BTW,  so does she. It is , however, the worst photoi I think I ever took! Sorry!For Leni copyNext time I’ll show you the rest!

Meanwhile let’s go see what Nina Marie is doing today!



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