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And more QBL


QBTL Summer 17 Class Photo: One Theme, Many Possibilities by Kerr Grabowski

The last half of the class focused on adding to previously deconstructed screen prints with various methods of mark making.

DSP Over stencilled

Previously a deconstructed screen print, I overprinted with a stencil and Pro Chem Opaque Fabric Paint.

pellon emulsion

This was a pellon emulsion print overprinted by rubbing a texture with Conti-crayons.


More Quilting By The Lake


This was a wonderful class One Theme, Many Possibilities by the talented and charming Kerr Grabowski.  If you’ve been thinking about it, jump onboard the next class you can! It was an extraordinary adventure. My class was comprised of a room full of independents that just ran with every ball Kerr threw out to us.  For instance, the top three pics are mine and the one on the right is made from sifting charcoal over a resist stencil onto a previously eco-printed piece. I never did that before and love the result!  We all tried out new ways to make marks, altering and testing our methods as we went.

One person silk screened one piece, then attempted to reproduce it with fabric paint. None of us guessed right on which one was deconstructive screen printed. Another experiemented with how to get the best line print using glue gun stencils and mylar with very successful results!

I have to tell you that I’ve never seen such a welcoming group of women in one place before.  There were no cliques to be seen and no one was excluded from anything.  If you were sitting alone, it wouldn’t be long before someone would come by and make some friendly gesture.  It wasa quite remarkeable!

Unfortunately my camera battery died twice at very inopportune times, so there were some great pics I missed, especially on our last night.  I’m not easily amused but the last night’s events had me in stitches. so to speak!  And my three suite-mates were the BEST!  We really lucked out, I think.  Anita, Susan and Andrea – all very special peeps! You helped to make my week one I’ll never forget! Thank you!


Quilting By the Lake

Quilting By The Lake!  An intense experience all around.  The best part echoed by all is the classes and the caliber of instructors.  My class with Kerr Grabowski – One Theme, Many Marks – primarily about deconstructive screen printing, extends to other forms of mark making to go along with it. As in almost all such classes, inspiration comes from all around you, from the teacher to your classmates and the many other new folks that you meet.

I’m happy to have met my new dorm-mates!  What could be a not-so-pleasant experience has been an unexpected reward to come home to.  I’ve been lucky to share this experience with three genuinely good, smart and talented women from all over the country.

If I ever come here again, though, I’d bring a scooter!  This is a lovely, expansive campus, with beautifully landscaped grounds but it’s so large that unless you’ve been doing some rigorous exercise beforehand, just getting back and forth to classes can be a challenge! My arthritic feet and back are struggling to keep up.

No matter, all is well here and I’m having a productive time here – learning is at full throttle!  Pictures are scarce at the moment, though, because my battery died due to  my neglect but I managed to get some that show us all at work!