WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Guest host Lignum Draco asks us to experiment with something unusual.

A sudden appearance of some unusual  fungus in opposite sides of my yard on the fringes of woodland surpised me!

I still don’t know what this one is above.

But the bottom one is “Strobilomyces strobilaceus, also called Strobilomyces floccopus and commonly known as old man of the woods, is a species of fungus in the family Boletaceae. It is native to Europe and North America. ” Wikipedia   

This one appeared just in front of my car parked in my driveway.  I don’t think I’ll eat it.


Posted by:turtlemoonimpressions

The natural world is phenomenal and so much of the man-made world - our architecture, our cities - are stunning accomplishments. They exist hand in hand in both beautiful expressions and sometimes disastrous manifestations. Our entire existence with the natural and the invented is intertwined – each dependent on the other, even as my art evolves, each breathing in the wake of the other. Surface design is one aspect of the process that I love. I thoroughly enjoy the play with color, value and construct, particularly the improvisation which starts with one thing, an idea, a glimpse of a vision, perhaps something that captures my eye for a moment in time and it grows organically. I become focused on whatever piece I'm working on and follow my muse to find my way.

4 replies on “Unusual To You Too?

  1. Mushrooms and fungus can really be very surprising. It depends on the weather and water and maybe rain, and if the combination is right, they will start popping up like your best friends 😀 Beautiful captures of the fungus you captured. Beautiful orange colour and they look…so friendly. But I am sure they might also be rather sinister. That one that appeared by your car looks massive (or maybe it’s just a close up photo). Maybe it took a liking to your car. I don’t like stepping on fungi or mushrooms – they do have an air of beauty about them.

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