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Dressing Up!

There were many little black dresses, although some were creatively alluded to.

Jill Kertula’s excellent piece took “Best In Show!” Well deserved for her vision and execution!

The Little Black Dress.Best Of Show

Among the figurative works, Suzanne Munroe deserves honors for her “The Long Wait,” which captured the essential feelings of a young woman waiting for the justice system to allow her fiance to enter the US for their marriage.

The Dress itself was well represented among the diverse selections – well done on the part of the curaters!

The events the dresses were worn to were fabulous as well!

As a former Yellow Cab driver, I totally appreciated this abstraction!

The Little Black Dress-6

My camera died as I took this pic, so I didn’t capture quite a few.  Of course, I can’t remember the names of them all. Hope you got to see it!

Intro to Eco Printing Workshops Begin. More scheduled.

First a reminder:  Today is the Artist’s Reception at the The Brush Art Gallery and Studios for The Little  Black Dress!
256 Market Street, Lowell, MA 01852  between 2 to 4 PM.

They are located in the building behind the Visitor Center on Market Street. Parking is available in the lot at 304 Dutton St, Lowell, MA 01852 (follow signs for Visitor Center).

Also!  First eco print of the season!  Better late than never!


This is the only one I opened. I’ll wait another day  before opening others. This one was mordanted last October with alum and soy milk (three dips), then another this year in alum. Steamed for about three hours.  Not washed yet but it shouldn’t lose any discernable quality or color.

Also class begins on Monday for:

Intro to Eco Printing

Topics Include:

Scouring vs. Other Cleaners

Overview of Mordants and Influencers

Fibers: Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool

Plants for Dye

Plants that Print

Methodology: boiling, steaming, burying

We will meet three days in a row.

Day 1: You will come to class with fabric pre-mordanted.  We will make tannins and dyes; forage for plants, prepare them for contact printing; dip fabric in whatever influencers you choose. Dye some fabric. Print on cotton or linen.

Day 2:  Print on silk and/or wool.

Day 3: Unveil our logs!

Class Fee: $50.

$15 supply fund

***Another Workshop Scheduled for September 12 – 14th. email me if iterested.

A Little of This and…A New Workshop

This was a piece I screwed up – didn’t like it at all so I painted over it.  I think I’d rather see it on canvas,  Do you think? On another note…

Setting up the outdoor studio seems like it should be a breeze!  Never is.  I have washed every single item and tool, from spoons to measuring cups to trunks full of containers, even though they were all washed before closing up for the winter!  They will be stored to stay clean this time!  I got a very cool, huge rubbermaid deck box from Freecycle and I power washed it last week.  It’s filled to the brim with containers and rags and towels, all must haves! Shelves are stacked with Salvation army finds from coffee urns to vases to hold my leaves and flowers after foraging.  Crockpots didn’t survive this year.  Time to pick up some more. Aluminum pots have all sprung holes in the bottom.  Salvation Army here I come!

Tons of leaves and weeds were pulled, raked and dumped into new compost piles.  Branches were trimmed and hauled down to a growing stack that will get thrown into a fire some fall day, along with all those invasive weeds from hell.  Before doing all this today and yesterday, I began to spray all the poison ivy I could get to with a solution of vinegar, salt and Dawn soap. I dosed a couple of the bittersweet plants that have just emerged as well to see if it works.

Not a lot of productive time left out there but there’s still quite a bit of good weather for dyeing and printing, especially with the tent.  Last year I was still out there some days in October. So, I’m scheduling an Introduction to Eco Printing Workshop – August 28, 29 and 30th .    Due to limited space I’ll only have four students at a time and two have already expressed an interest, so if you’re interested email me at for details.