Extended Season’s Pleasures

Extended Season’s Pleasures

Sue Colozzi was my only workshop student at the end of September and she produced some really nice prints ( a tiny bit enhanced for a better view).  She especially loved doing the rustprints because it’s the only way she’s ever made something abstract! The truth of it is that we both learned a lot during the experience.  Working with her made for a fun day and helped to make me a better teacher.

EnteSue Coluzzi’s rust print.
Sue's EP4
Sue’s eco-print.
Sue's EP.5
Sue’s eco-print.
Sue's EP.8
Sue’s eco-print.

Although I missed being out there for most of the summer, I’m making good use of my time.  I’m especially glad to have the time to experiment with different mordants and in using them different orders. Also making some great tannin concoctions is a fun and interesting thing to do. It’s amazing how long I can work outdoors in my tent.  When all the pots and crockpots and the coffee urn is on (for hot water) it warms up pretty quickly.

IMGP0616 copy
Mordanted in soy milk, tannin made from sumac, birch and symploco.
Sept. W2.Sumac gray.
Mordanted in alum acetate, soy milk, and soda ash.
IMGP0627 copy
Mordanted in alum acetate, soy milk and calcium carbonnate. Dyed madder and goldenrod. Achieved some nice discharge here.

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