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October Transformations

I finally finished cleaning up and putting my outdoor studio to bed for the season yesterday. The main working table has a clean piece of cotton and a fresh plastic top stapled on and a new tablecloth covers that. One table was moved to make room for an outdoor Plastic “shed” that previoyusly held my gardening tools but mostly had a lot of junk in it.  It’s now filled to protect powdered dyes, mordants, silk screens and various tools.  Most of my pots and pans are in black plastic bags on a shelving unit that I brought inside as well. I left a couple large pots out so that I can make up a couple batches of tannins today with 2 good weather days forecast.  I’ll keep them in jars in the fridge, ready for next year.  I also have to make up a fresh pot of alum, then a batch of soymilk to mordant a bolt of fabric that will cure over the winter.

This week, I washed out the last of my cotton prints that were curing.  Here’s the last batch of rusted prints:


I love how the rust and iron oxidize and express the transformation of materials and things as they move toward detetiorization, still retaining their character and shape but adding texture and color as they age…just like us.

You’ll love Nina Marie’s post today!

And thanks for being there! Thanks for reading and joining in on the conversations!



Packing It In for the Season

Today I’m finally packing it up.  I started cleaning up all the pots and pans yesterday.  Joined my crit group at I o’clock though, so had a reprieve from my scouring duties. It’s always a lift to meet with these women. We are all so different in our art our and personalities, yet we come together as a productive entity intent on learning and sharing that results in both individual and group focus.

I’m anxious to start making some art out of my summer work now. Some nights I’ve started sewing. Others, I’ve been out there in the dark till midnight.  Those halogen work lights are great! But I must admit to feeling a bit worn out and needing to take a few off to do nothing at all after I put away my summer studio.

Eco prints on paper 17

A fair representation of my last two weeks wok, experimenting with eco printing on paper. Papers were printmaking and watercolor. 

This summer, I got a late start waiting for my floor to go in and that floor has been wonderful for me! I decided not to go into ‘production mode’ rather to spend a lot of my time experimenting this year and I think it’s been good for me, stretching out my boundaries a bit and opening me up to some fresh new work.

Now, back to packing it in – a gorgeous day for it!

Eco Printing on Paper

Greetings on this morning of our first frost here just inland of the northeast coast of Massachusetts. As I write I’m watching how the sun nears my tent and it’s just beginning to shine of the white plastic that should begin to warm it up inside in about a half hour.  Then I’ll go out and zip up the panels but rezip them to keep the cold out.  I’ll turn on the water filled coffrr urn and that will beging to add some to the temnperature and I’ll turn on both turkey roasters as well.  I’ll pour the first pot of hot water into a large stainless stell bowl that I use as a sink and wash the “dishes” that it was too dark to get last night when I called it a day about 9ish. Then I’ll put the second pot on to use for multiple purposes, probably a new dye color for the remainder of the scarves I hope to finish up today.

Most of the last few days have gone toward eco printing on watercolor or printmaking paper and I’ve enjoyed almost every minute of it.  It did have its ups and down though but I managed to turn lemons into sweet lemonade! Maybe I shouldn’t even call them lemons, though, because I was completely experimenting with various combinations of mordanting ingredients, vinegar, alums and soy milk, so when you get results that are less than satisfactory, it simply is what it is and you take you learned and move on.   So, in order of progression, here’s some examples of what I accompluished in the past few days.


Vinegar as mordant.

9.5.17 Alum.

Aluminum acetate mordant


Aluminum acetate: a print and a print over, leaves dipped in either iron or calcium carbonate.

A foldover with aluminum acetate, then soy milk.  Leaves dipped or soaked in iron, calcium carbonate or various dyes. On the right I used another piece of paper dyed with logwood as a dye transfer and a calcium carbonate carrier cloth.

You be the judge!

You can catch up with Nina here! 

OK the sun is looking good out there, so I’m off to one of my last days in the outdoor studio for the season. Have a good one yourself and thanks for hanging in there with me!  I love your company and all of your feedback!