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Mixed Post/Mixed Media

So many details to attend to in setting up our re-newed space at 480 Main St. in Malden! As you know, the Gallery, Gift Shop and Performance Series is now staying open at least until June 2018 offering art, crafts, performances, classes, place for meetings, and more. There will be an artist reception for the Gallery on Friday, February 16, 7-9. I’ll let you know more as we get nearer.

Ta – Da! My contribution to the first month of exchange for Artists Unbound went to Sandy Donabed for our 2018, Construction/Deconstruction Theme. Each piece will be a prototype of sorts for a future piece, so the hope is that I’ll learn something each time that I can improve on or work out the details of what I’ll be trying to achieve. I’ve chosen to take some things I’ve done previously but take it to the next step in combining techniques to create dimensional pieces. The bottom layer is a Deconstructed Screen Print (DSP). I then deconstructed a mixed media piece on paper and mounted them on foam core board, along with some more DSP fabric and mounted those all atop the bottom layer making for a new-to-me dimensional piece of mixed media art. I’m pretty happy with it and so , it seems, is Sandy.  There’s room for improvement so I hope to do just that!

Circle Squared.C.

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Two Huge Surprises!

I’m so excited to see that my art quilt, Origins, is on the cover of SAQA’s Art Quilt Quarterly in the next issue due out next month!


Origins. 26×24 Eco-printed, pieced, fused, appliqued, free motion quilted, hand embroidered. Cotton, linen. Photo by Steve Giurina.

After I received the recent issue of the SAQA Journal, I brought it in to bed with me.  As I was about to nod off I turned to see one last page and I was suddenly wide awake when I saw a pic of my Five Degrees Of Freedom in the Member’s Gallery!


Five Degrees of Freedom. Photo by Janis Doucette

Last Update on ABC, Art Book Collaborative

All exchanges for our book art exchange for 2017 have been made, so here’s a share of the art I received in return for those I sent.


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Participating Artists (other than myself) :
Sandy Donabed:                                                                                        Gabriele DiTota:                                                                                                    Carol Frank:                                                                                                               Joani Share:                                                                                                                      Leni Wiener:                                                                                                                          Janice Paine Dawes:  http://janicepainedawes.comCarol Suto                                                                   Martha Ginn:                                                                                                            Nanette S. Zeller:

In the coming year, no more books.  We’ve changed the name to Artists Unbound and will exchange art meant to be placed on a wall. Some of last year’s participants are going to sit this round out and some newcomers have been added to our merry band. As you can see, I’m building quite an exciting collection of wonderful art!