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February Artists Unbound

My February contribution to Artists Unbound went out to Gabriel DiTota.  It’s another multi-level 10 inch piece in the Deconstruction/Reconstruction theme for the year. The base is some hand dyed fabric and the top pieces are a deconstructed photo.

The Shuttle

Here’s the original photo taken at the American Textile Museum in Lowell, which is no longer there.

Tools of the Trade

Photoshopped the first time:


Do check out today’s post from Nina Marie!   Good read and good art!

What a Week!

My issue of Art Quilt Quarterly arrived with my  piece, Origins, on the front cover!  I admit, it feels pretty good to see your own artwork on the cover of such a fabulous magazine! And I am in great company in this issue with so many others who are really fine artists!

I’m happy to say this morning when I opened my email I also received a letter of acceptance into the regional MA/RI SAQA Exhibit, Explorations: Journeys in Creativity, The Quilt Artist’s Studio!The exhibit will debut at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA, and take place in two parts – from Oct – Dec 2018 and from Jan – April, 2019. You have been chosen to focus on eco printing. “ I’m really looking forward to participating in this unique exhibit!

And this evening, our debut of The Gallery will open it’s first exhibit!encoreflyer

Tips For the Newbie and Wannabe Artist

I hear it all the time from people who would like to do some form of artwork: “I don’t have the talent.  I can’t draw. ” Or one of a myriad of negatives they tell themselves that keeps them from even trying. To you I say “Just do it!”

The most significant difference between an artist and a non-artist is not necessarily any amount of inborn talent; rather, those who are known to be artists try and fail at their attempts repeatedly, if not regularly.  The difference, though, is that they get back on that horse and try again. We’re hard-wired to learn from failure and it’s what we learn from a failed piece of art is what we bring to the next piece.  It may take any number of attempts  and a lot of hard work to get to that place called success.

We have access via the internet to a wealth of excellent art, tutorials, classes and so on to feed our needs for inspiration. Here are a few links sure to help you on your way!

Jane Davies

Kathy Anne White

Textile Artist

Gelli Arts

Zone One Arts

Deb Riley

I stole this quote from a Deb Riley post:

“Art is about problem solving and trying any way you can to get the vision in your head out of it so others can see.  Art is also about experience, you can’t learn it from reading books, you have to do it.  It is experimental and sometimes the experiments don’t work, what we do then is talk about what happened and what might have worked better.
The journey you take as a creative is not all sunshine and light, it is not always playtime nor is it always easy.  I love it when it is all of those things, but it often isn’t especially when you are starting.  It can be bliss, peace, contentment, connection, but it can also be frustration, disappointment, an ego battleground and just plain boring.

But as with any new skill you have to practice and with practice comes ease.  So don’t be afraid to start, it is only by starting that we can ever get to the good stuff.” ALISON HANLY