Monthly Archives: May 2018

The Art Quilt Begins

The first sketch represents willow branches which I intend to do over the base that I’ve begun. The initial sketch was about 6” x 10” so I ended up enlarging it by hand to size. Still not sure how I’ll execute it. (For this project, I’ve done more planning and documenting than I’ve ever done in my entire life!) Initially I thought about thread painting but I think I’ll probably fuse bits of my dyed fabric and overstitch them in place.  I will add willow leaves to the branches.  I took some pics when there were still no leaves so I could see the structure of the tree and I ended up taking just a quarter section for this piece.  But then I went back to see them blossoming and was surprised to see that the leaves were coming in all yellow, so I’ll have a mix of yellow and green leaves. Then I drew a pattern by tracing some of the branch lines onto a sheet of plastic so you will see few of the stitch lines. The background will be, more or less, an abstract landscape that I hope will make the viewer feel that they’re perceiving the land and water behind it. I altered the pattern as I went along because of the difficulty of sewing curved lines precisely but I chose the curves for their organic look and feel.

The following photos are what I have done so far. There’s still a way to go. The last pic is definitely NOT staying but I feel that I should show the error of my ways as well as what I did right. I have to get some more silk to dye, though, because I used up what I had for this section whether I like it or not. This is just par for the course for me.

First Row.jpgMore pattern adjusting. Yes, I had to rip out a lot of stitches before I got it right, throughout the whole thing.Adjusting Patterns.jpgTwo Rows.jpgDon't Think So.Although I really like the bottom section, it simply doesn’t work for this quilt. Maybe the next quilt will begin with this bottom!  More to come!





Wrapping It Up

I’ve wrapped up my recent botanical printing spree and cleaning up my studio preparing to start work on developing a new piece of art for the “Explorations” Exhibit.  I’ve been experimenting and learning a lot during the last 2 months, using amongst others, the “new kid on the block” of mordants – Titanium Oxalate, with some exciting results. For all of the last printing run, I’ve only had last year’s dried leaves at my disposal that I saved just for the possibility that I’d be accepted into this event. But it’s finally Spring here in New England and some real, fresh leaves appeared for the last prints! What joy! Oh, I stop so reluctantly!

On the left is all fresh leaves. In the center pic is a mix and to the right, I found a remarkable surprise in a container which held some leaves soaking in some Titanium Oxalate for about a week – a dried wheat stalk purchased years ago probably at a Michael’s store that actually sprouted!

But I really have to put my printing on hold for awhile to start sewing and I have to clean my house!

And there’s so much on hold that I need to attend to at The Gallery in Malden.  Great news: we’ve received another generous extension from the owners of the building that houses our shop,  DSF Advisors, LLC – they’ve allowed us to stay free of charge until December…again! How generous they have been to us!