Looking Back and Looking Ahead for 2019: What are we BECOMING?

Looking Back and Looking Ahead for 2019: What are we BECOMING?

Well, we know there’s a lot about what’s ahead, the continued world turmoil and all, and change is about to come that we can anticipate. If  we can count on anything, we know there’s more trouble brewing before it will calm down again. Yet, traditionally, this is the time of year that we reflect on the previous year and re-evaluate what our priorities will be in the next one, so we try to look ahead as we glance back in time simultaneously…tricky business, but we do this every year to aim for some perspective in our lives.

At The Gallery, we will be doing a lot of that to process our past year to prepare ourselves for the future. Today we finished the clean up and turned in the keys. After a little rest, we’ll come together again for this very important process. Meanwhile here’s a few moments of our last hour there.

Checking It Thrice
Liz, checking it thrice!



Marcel was out with the truck and I was taking the pics since I was late as usual because when I pulled up in front there were no parking spaces so as I waited for a space to open up I fell asleep. When I woke up there was an open space right in front of me but I missed most of the chores…that tells you where I’m at these days.

I thought I’d share a video with you in case you haven’t seen it yet. Grab your chosen cuppa… I think it’s worth a good listen for us all before moving on. While it’s packed with valuable insights, an important take away for me is the reminder that while looking back and planning ahead, we don’t miss or minimize the NOW, because the NOW is what we’re BECOMING.

So, let me hear it from you! WHAT IS YET TO COME? Post it here, I want to hear it! 2019 – here we come!

Do What You Can!

Do What You Can!

Christmas has come and gone. I hope it was a good one for everyone. Please accept my late tidings and well wishes for the coming year! 2018 Christmas Card.

My mantra these days is DO WHAT YOU CAN! It may not be when or how I expected it but if I do what I can, it’s another step forward.

Piece by piece, I’ve been doing what I can as I am able to and in the “Nick” of time, I made a Christmas gift from an piece of eco printed wool gauze that was among the last batch I did this year. I used various leaves, dipped or soaked in various solutions (iron, calcium carbonate, copper) and steamed about 2.5 hours.

Whatever this is it became my favorite weed to print but I have no idea what it is. Please LMK if you recognize it.