Your work is to discover your work; then with all your heart, to give yourself to it.                                                                                                                                                          Buddha

Tracks 2.

I spend a lot of time taking and preparing photos and writing this blog. I began it for myself to document my work but as I went along and realized that it had become more than that. There was you, those who subscribe and others who follow along through Facebook and the WordPress Reader. Subsequently, my writing changed and I began to respond to your readership and to learn more about the whole blogging thing. Because I was so grateful to other bloggers who shared their processes and how they go about their work, I felt that it was important to truthfully share what I knew or didn’t know and what I was learning from my own experiences. I know how hard it is to fail and it can get discouraging to hear of all the successes without hearing about the failures, so I share my failures as well as my successes so that my readers will feel some comfort in knowing they are not alone when it doesn’t work out – it happens to all of us. I probably learn more due to blogging than my readers do because it makes me pay more attention to what I’m doing and in the process of writing, I get clearer about my myself and my own processes.

So I want to thank you for following along and sharing in this expedition and becoming such a motivating force for me to continue my blogging. With your comments and questions you have kept me on track to improve in my documenting skills, to push beyond my comfort level to discover more.  You have shored me up with your support when I stumble and fall.  Because of you and your input, I have a clearer understanding of my own art and I continue to grow. Thank you for sharing your own experiences and knowledge with me. It’s been a joy when one of you shows up in the real world and introduces yourself as a subscriber and I get to meet you in person. Thank you so much for being there.  Keep up the good work! Know that I appreciate the part that you play in enriching my artistic journey!

Posted by:turtlemoonimpressions

The natural world is phenomenal and so much of the man-made world - our architecture, our cities - are stunning accomplishments. They exist hand in hand in both beautiful expressions and sometimes disastrous manifestations. Our entire existence with the natural and the invented is intertwined – each dependent on the other, even as my art evolves, each breathing in the wake of the other. Surface design is one aspect of the process that I love. I thoroughly enjoy the play with color, value and construct, particularly the improvisation which starts with one thing, an idea, a glimpse of a vision, perhaps something that captures my eye for a moment in time and it grows organically. I become focused on whatever piece I'm working on and follow my muse to find my way.

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