Pray a Little…

Pray a Little…

I’ve been immersed in making face masks for my family for a week or so and posting some of them on Facebook.

Here’s a pic of my DIL Melanie, who stepped in as a model when my grandkids were asleep…thanks Mel!

Mostly, I’ve been using some of my not too scrawny scrap stash and have watched the pieces grow smaller as I went along. I upped my game a smidgen this week, though, and began to make new swaths of fabric with these scraps using the crazyquilting method of piecing odd sizes and shapes of varied fabrics together to make the best use of the remnants of last week’s efforts. Perhaps some of you who have never crazyquilted before will give it a try and see how rewarding it can be on multiple levels! This particular piece was added to some more and cut up and added to more pieces until it grew enough in size to make a few more.

And these are from that fabric. Not too shabby, huh!?

It’s pretty amazing how many have stepped in and up to make these masks, from the likes of myself who have been making them mostly for family to those who are making them for all of those on the front lines in hospitals to grocery stores. I’m sharing a link here that is full of great info for all of us to read up on.  Thanks Val Poitier for posting it!

Information about Sewing Masks in the time of COVID-19

Let’s all keep doing our part and making sure we do the social distancing we need to be practicing. I haven’t left my house since the 10th, except to deliver facemasks to neighbors while keeping myself outdoors.

While we’re at it, sing a little, sew a little, cook a little, pray a little, and most of all, keep the love going a whole lot more!

At The Loading Dock!

The Artist Reception at The Loading Dock on Western Ave. in Lowell yesterday was a really pleasant event! It was well attended with friendly, interested people who truly appreciated our offerings.

As you can see, we had some stunning works of art to show! The exhibit will be at the Loading Dock Wednesdays through Saturdays, 12 to 5:30 and Sundays, 12 to 4 until the 29th.