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Summer Bounty 2020

Hello All!  There won’t be any radical changes in any of my gardens this year. Arthritis and age is cracking its whip on my body seriously limiting what I can physically do. I’ve stayed away from doctors and hospitals during this pandemic but I’ve headed back to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital and soon will have some minor hand surgeries and straightforward treatments on my shoulders. I’m certainly hoping these do the trick I need.

However, I did a lot of work in the last few years out there so I can just do some minimal maintenance and it’ll be fine as long as I can get back at it next year. It’s still sparser than I’d like but I’m happy that it’s pretty self sufficient and won’t suffer for what I can’t get done this year.

This year’s tiger lillies are spectacular. We just need more of them!

Sweet Scented Phlox

Next we’ll see what autumn brings us. Hang in there!