Alphabet Book Part 1

We’ve been having a Letter Challenge going on at the SAQA site, so I’m creating an alphabet book with mine.

Lots of A shapes here in this seaside architectural marvel. I took this foggy evening photo while moored in front of it.

I made and batiked this shirt when I was about 19 years old. I still have it and it looks pretty good for such an old thing that I really wore quite a bit.

This set of chairs sat out in front of these barn doors in a place I used to live. They didn’t look quite like these do.

I dyed each one of these pieces of fabric and many more! Some are tie dyed, others snow dyed and some are batiked.

Many hours of labor have gone into the collection.
Speaking of many hours! Why is it that some of the smallest items take so much time to do?
This is part of a very old piece I did when I first began to make art quilts. I've since taken it apart and remade it.

Y'all know how much I love to garden and that I didn't get to do much this year because I've been getting my hands fixed, along with other old body parts. But I'm so happy that my clustered mountain mint, Pycnanthemum muticum has been so happy being  left quite alone - a very independent native plant!

More next time! Been on this computer too long today and it’s taking a toll on my hands. We’ll rest now!



Quickly, the sky turned very dark and the wind picked up. I went to the back door and peered out. Thunder sounded ominously and the wind began to whip leaves at the house and there it was – CRACK! It was so loud I jumped back away from the door. I knew lightening had hit very close and likely, right here. At first glance I didn’t see anything but after a few, I saw it! There was a very large branch straddling the roof of my tent!¬† And a number of trees down beside it.

The tent-what I could see from my door.

From the backside of the tent.







Close up-mangled trees, one fallen upon the other.

Yesterday, my butterfly weed looked pretty good with new flowers on it. Gone today. The coneflowers survived.


Beyond the tables, into the “woods.”


The frame of the old swing set is what saved everything from complete destruction. I used it as a clothesline for my drying prints. All the trees are straddling it, being held up in the air, barely over the garden.




The tables I work on behind the tent.


Yesterday I was working with both tables sifting compost I made into containers to spread where needed, sorting out all that hadn’t decomposed like the big twigs and roots that will be burned before spreading back into one garden or another.





Turns out there are more trees down out front.

I don’t know how we’re ever going to get them all cut up and cleared out. I’m still healing from hand surgery and scheduled for more in a month or so. Last week, it cost a small fortune to unclog sewage pipes that had tree roots growing in them, breaking the pipes as well. We have some figuring to do. These are the kinds of unplanned events that force old folks out of their own homes.