It’s amazing how much time one can spend looking after oneself! Doctors, dentists, rest and sleep – geesh – it just flies! Well, I have been working on some pieces and here’s one single clip to prove it. So much drying time in between layers is exasperating, but slowly, it IS coming together. Will post soon.

I always make such a mess when I”m working! No matter how big the table is, I still end up working in a tiny space after I clutter up the table with all my stuff.

Meanwhile, I did manage to submit one piece for the SDA Members Small Works Exhibit 2019. Click on it and you can see for yourself how large an impact 10 inch squares can make! I love working on small works but I have to say I think I spend every bit as much time on a 10 inch square as I do on a 20 inch square!

Another Journey Shared

Another Journey Shared

Hello there!

This comment today lit a fire under me to write today’s post:

AnnIsikArts commented on Doucette_Liminal State.

Liminal State. 31 x 40″ Eco printed, painted, fused, appliqued; calligraphy. Cotton. $1000.

I like this a lot Janis. The doorway – two posts and a lintel. And the poetry running across the top. I read “… uplifted on the rising MIND, instead of WIND”, then thought that MIND worked just as well. This in particular of the series reminded me of the 20th century artist Winifred Nicholson. Her ‘prismatic’ paintings.

Ann recently wrote a post, a great read on Liminal Space as well.

Wow, Ann! Your comment took me on a journey since I was not acquainted with Winifred Nicholson’s work. I found that, indeed, I felt some common bond with her and her work. I think our heads were in just about the same place when she painted  Sandpipers Alnouth, 1933 at the Tate and when I painted the first Liminal Space. and

I also related to this commentin the above site: “One may also venture to suggest that colour became her beacon because it happily straddled both positions as an intrinsic feature of the real world of objects and also as part of the vernacular of modernism.”   Christopher P Jones

          I know I’ve been enthralled with and influenced by 19th century French Impressionists and how they use color but given my small reach and limited market, many simply see my use of color as drab. I’d say that I am also strongly influenced by the American colorfield/expressionist painters of the early 40’s and 50’s. Still, I persist in my own unending/open-ended explorations.

I haven’t widely shown Liminal Space, the first in my series, because I have such mixed feelings about it. From a distance it does capture the essence of my intention but upon closer inspection, I’m not so pleased with my execution. It’s definitely one of those pieces I want to revisit.

Another of Nicholson’s paintings, Ullswater reminds me of a piece that I either started in a class with Pam Allen or was inspired by the class (not sure) that sits waiting for me to develop it more, maybe to finish it or may be do a new one inspired by it.

More of Winifred Nicholson’;s paintings that I love:

Honeysuckle and Sweet Peas

And this of Daybreak:

Charlotte’s Shells:

Belle Isle:

Prismatic 5:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey with me and now I really must get back to my work at hand! I have quite a few new works in varying stages, but that will be later posts to watch for. Thanks for visiting with me!

So Much Going On!

So Much Going On!

On Tuesday night, I gave a presentation and talk at the Nimble Thimblers Quilt Guild and I think we all had a great time. These gals are a friendly bunch and were loaded up with great questions and lots of enthusiasm! I slept for a day and a half afterwards!

The following day, our SAQA MARI Regional group put up the travelling exhibit, Flight of Ideas, at the Melrose Public Library and will show through November 26th. Thanks to Sue Collozi for all her efforts putting this together and to Alanna Nelson for helping to hang it all!

I’m sure you remember that in December we sadly closed the doors of The Gallery in Malden but good news! We will open the doors of a more modest, new incarnation renamed to Gallery @ 57 in October! Stay tuned for an update as we get closer to the date. I’ll be spending the rest of the morning, probably into afternoon preparing my inventory list.

My days are still jammed with reorganizing my studios, collecting and picking leaves and flowers and setting them in flats between paper and cardboard to dry and await the day that I will return to ecoprinting. The compost that’s been in-the-making in my handmade composters is almost ready.

This season we have been sooooo enjoying an abundant harvest of tomatoes and peppers along with a lush bounty of basil, oregano, mints and sage!

So, that’s the September wrap up! Thanks for visiting ! Hope your autumn blows in all good things!