This is Finishing Up Week

Photographs are an integral component of this and so many of my textile art collages. The bad news is that I can’t possibly afford the kind of camera I’d love to have.  The good news is that that’s not as critical as it once was.  With so much new technology in the field, new apps and digital software you can do nicely with some, especially for printing on fiber.  I did finally get Lightroom to supplement Adobe Photoshop and so now I’m taking a Lightroom Essentials class with Kim Klassen to learn it. We haven’t actually started the developing mode yet but this is the first pic I did in LR. I’m pretty sure I used one of Kim’s presets for this but I didn’t save it and so I’m not sure.

le1  I love Japanese maple leaves and, of course, these were the inspiration for my most recently finished piece but as yet unnamed piece, although I like Wen’s suggestion “The Water Runs Toward Me,” born under the water sign as I am.


This is an eco-print as I’m sure you already know, but I did make the applique pieces for the leaves and the bottom half of the water and I used paint on those.


Good stuff today over on Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday !

See Differently Challenge 2016 October Gallery Slide Presentation

See Differently Challenge 2016 October Gallery Slide Presentation

To wrap up October’s  See Differently 2016 challenge here’s a slide presentation of all 15 of my photos. Hope you enjoy it and I hope you’ll check out those of the other participating photographers. To view all the other images for the challenge, enter our tag #seedifferently2016 into the Word Press Reader.

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In a way, this one is my favorite because I didn’t think they would even notice me from across the street when suddenly one of the girls started waving to me.  It turns out as I was watching them, they started watching me – a good twist on the seeing differently idea!

Smiling Laundress

Thanks Robyn over at Captivate Me for coming up with this challenge idea and for hosting!