Tomorrow’s Prayer

Tomorrow’s Prayer

Tomorrow's Prayer

I’ve been working on this one a little at a time, as time has been whizzing past me at an unusually fast pace! I learned this week that I’ll be exhibiting at the Melrose Arts Festival at Memorial Hall, downtown Melrose, MA on April 30 – May 1, leaving very little time to put it all together.  But since I do have a ready inventory, it’s more a matter of getting organized than anything else, no small feat for one who’s also been extraordinarily disorganized lately.

Jane Dunnewold’s Creative Strength Training class is over now but I’m still in the middle of a huge organizing effort that has to be put on hold now until after the Festival while I prepare inventories, price, package and all that sort of thing. I do think that administrative work eats up more time than creating!  Grrr!  I don’t like that part but I suppose most artists don’t and most non-artists wouldn’t believe how much time is involved in either aspect of the making process.

Last week I attended a Wen Redmond class in Manchester that turned me on to making fabric postcards to sell at the Festival – that’s been fun.  Here’s a few of them.

Digitized Photo Postcards

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One Four Challenge July Week 4

One Four Challenge July Week 4

It’s already the last week in July, so here’s the last edit for the regular challenge for the summer.  But I’m thinking I will post another extra post in August, which is a review month with the option to post or not.  This is a really good week to check out  the One Four Challenge on Robyn’s blog, Captivate Me,  because all four previous weeks are up for review.

I couldn’t stop cropping my image so here’s a few choice selections for this week!  Which one is your favorite?

Week 4. July. B&W.s.1


Using the original image as a start, I did the usual adjustments and then I used the sliders in Black and White mode to increase and/or decrease the color influences to maximize the contrast. Then I cropped and tweaked levels to allow in more whites; increased the exposure a tad and decreased the offset slightly.

In Black and White mode, tweaked the color levels
Tweaked exposure levels
Tweaked the Shadows and Highlights
Finally, I pushed the contrast /Brightness levels
Tweaked the highlights and shadows again
Embossed and used that as a bottom layer.

4.B.5. S.1

In PS:  Torn Edges, adjusted levels, pushed contrast and applied the Cutout filter and cropped.


Week 4 B.2. s.1

I placed the first edit above as a base layer and the second edit on top of that.   Then applied the Cutout filter again at 6.8.3.,  adjusted brightness and contrast levels and made a final crop.

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For this last week of Lake Q’s Twilight Series I worked at making it look like an old picture postcard. I spat on it a bit and rubbed it in and then scuffed it up a bit with the heel of my shoe!  Aw…well, I did that sort of thing in Photoshop and here’s what happened:

Lake Q Twilight 1. C.



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Linking up with Robyn’s Captivate Me Blog for the last week of January’s One Four Challenge. Take a hike over there if you want to join in next month’s round.